Siona publicó hace unos días una foto de su alijo lanero, declarándose compradora compulsiva y animándonos a publicar fotos a sus lectores para no sentirse tan sola. Mi comentario, muy segura de mí misma, fue: "Me superas de calle". Así soy de sobrada. Hasta que me he puesto a sacar tesoros de las bolsas del rincón del fondo, de la caja que guardo debajo de la cama y de la cajonera de la mesa.

Siona posted a picture about her yarn stash a few days ago, admitting to be a compulsive yarn buyer. She encouraged her readers to upload a picture of their stashes so she doesn't feel alone out there. Overconfident, I commented her amount was larger by far than mine - until I began finding hidden treasures here and there: those bags at the corner, the box under the bed, the drawers...

Para hacerlo más divertido lo ha convertido en un sorteo. ¿Os animáis? Me da mucha vergüenza pero aquí va. Entre hilos y lanas me he encontrado con todo esto:

She's holding a contest to have a little fun too. Would you like to enter? I'm so embarrased to show this! Here it goes, all kinds of yarn:

You must be wondering where do I sleep

Prometo solemnemente no comprar más lana hasta que consiga rebajar este mogollón a la mitad. En serio.
I solemnly swear I am not buying more until I reduce this pile to half. Seriously!


  1. Why is it that no matter how much yarn is in one's stash there is never quite the right yarn for the project one has in mind?! Perhaps we need to do a swap as someone else's stash might be more enticing than our own!!


  2. Me parece que todas pecamos de lo mismo ;-)

  3. jajajajajajajaja no puedo parar de reirme, de las fotos que estoy recibiendo ... ¡es genial no sentirse sola! aunque no puedo acompañarte en eso de "no volvere a comprar mas hasta rebajar el stash a la mitad" creo que ya he caido hoy de nuevo jajajajajaja
    un abrazo!

  4. jajjaa que cosas, vieras lo mio , son 4 cajas , una bolsa debajo la cama, una arriba del ueble, me da verguenza mostrarlo jajaja, que cosas, somos todas iguales,
    besitso guapa

  5. Lol......I keep saying the same thing! Good luck!

  6. Now, that's a stash of yarn, if I've ever seen one..... Just think of all those SIBOL squares....

  7. I agree with marigold jam! You've been with me the whole way through my yarn diet, which ends June 5th to be exact, but I can't see that much headway in my stash problem. Either that or I just can't craft fast enough. Maybe if I'm brave I will show my stash. :S

  8. Ohhh!
    Liiiiindo!Se me salen los colmillos al ver tanta lana junta! jajajaja

    Así somos las tejedoras, es un mal que compartimos :) jeje


  9. Ha! I call that a beautiful and comforting supply of yarn!
    I am not ashamed. ;)

  10. jajaja doncs si que en tenies d'acumulada si....
    haureu de començar a escriure 100 vegades: "no compraré més llana!" "no compraré més llana!"
    i lo bo és que els cabdells es veuen encara per començar... a mi se m'acumulen boletes de restos... però de nous no en tinc. .. jajaja

    ànims i a teixir!!!

  11. I think you have a nice stash. It's very diverse, not too much of any one thing (which can be bad if there's an afghan pattern waiting in the wings).
    @Tea: Lol, Mum! I know you're not ashamed of your stash!! And you also don't have to worry about taking pictures, since you've been packing it away in containers for the move!!
    Btw Alhana, the fetching mitts turned out great:D That yarn was perfect for them!! Mum made me a pair (I haven't quite perfected magic loop OR cables), and mine are gray wool to match my winter coat. I love them!!!


  12. Glad you had fun with this little game too! It was interesting to read your comments, seems we all have some hidden secrets. ;-)

    @Beth: nice to see you around! It's been long. You're right, my stash is so diverse I can't really make anything big but afghans from scraps or hats. But I need to use some before buying again - I live in a small flat!

  13. But Alhana, you cant resist just like me! I always say ' I haven't got the right colour!'. I have just loved looking at your yarn stash. OOh what fun!
    Thanks for your comments on the blogs.
    Much appreciated.
    Hope things ok with you.
    Love Suex

  14. Wow, qué miedo! Yo no me atrevería a comprar más estambre hasta no terminar el anterior, sí, soy medio precavida de no almacenar mucho...

  15. Thanks for stopping by Alhana. I'm excited myself!
    OOh I do love this wool!
    I keep popping back to have another look!
    Love to you and thanks for your support of the blogs!
    Bless you,

  16. Puedes montar un mercadillo con tanta lana, madre mía! Hace siglos que no hablamos, espero que todo te esté yendo bien.

    Un abrazo :)

  17. ¡Angie guapa! Desde que emigraste que ya no sé nada de ti. Como ves, tengo ovillos para dar y vender, así que si te apetece algo, no tienes más que decirlo. ;-)

    Espero que te vaya todo bien a ti también. ¡¡Besos!!

  18. Hello Alhana,

    Two words for this photograph.



  19. Felizmente no soy única.....waooo que cantidad de lana..... mira que vamos acumulando sin darnos cuenta y ahi tenemos tanto material de trabajo.
    Un beso


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