4 Apr 2010

Sunrise Sunset - finished

Aunque ya llevamos un mes disfrutando de esta estupenda manta, por fin he podido sacar una foto en condiciones (es lo que tiene tener una luz pésima en casa 23 de las 24 horas que tiene el día). Mi tía vino de visita por San José y se la agenció para ella todo el tiempo que estuvo aquí. ¡Un éxito! Como regalo para su nueva casa que estrenará en breve, mi madre le ha prometido otra. Todavía está pensando el diseño y los colores, pero seguro que le sale igual de bonita y calentita que ésta. :-)

Although we are enjoying it for a month, it hasn't been until now that I could take a good photo of this wonderful afghan - that is what happens when light at your place is awful 23 hours a day out of 24. My aunt came to visit by St. Joseph's for a few days and she borrowed it all the time. What a success! Mother has promised her to make a new afghan for her new house she will be moving in soon. Still hasn't decided on the design and colours but I am sure it will be as beautiful and warm as this one. :-)

Sunrise Sunset
The Queen of the living-room

Sunrise Sunset Blanket
Lana: 5 ovillos de Katia Fama en crudo y 7 en marrón. 100% acrílico.
Ganchillo: 3,5 mm.
Tamaño: 1,10 x 1,60 m.
Patrón: Sunrise Sunset Afghan. En inglés.
Modificaciones: 150 cuadrados de 10x10 cm.

Yarn: 100% acrylic Katia Fama. 5 off-white and 7 honey brown skeins.
Hook: 3.5 mm (US E).
Size: 1.10x1.60 m (43"x63")
Pattern: Sunrise Sunset Afghan.
Adjustements: 150 10x10 cm (4"x4") squares.

Feliz Pascua de Resurrección * Happy Easter

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24 comentarios

  1. That's lovely - cosy and warm.


  2. ¡Me encanta! Es muy elegante. No me gustaba la Katia Fama pero, desde este momento, voy a tener que empezar a considerarla. Besos.

  3. P R E C I O S A
    la manta, la foto, els colors...
    no puc dir res mes


  4. Qué belleza!
    El diseño. los colores ...realmente preciosa :)Tu tía tendrá un cálido recuerdo tuyo.

    Buena semana ^^


  5. Esta hermosa!!!! los colores van muy bien, y se ve que le pusiste mucho trabajo, Nuria!

    No en balde tu tia no la quería soltar! genial! jejejejeje!

  6. Alhana
    Welcome back! We are all still here for you!
    I hope your Easter celebrations have gone well.
    This throw is beautiful.
    Did you sew all the squares together? or crochet.
    It's looking beautiful.
    I just love the colours,
    well done to you,
    Hugs and Love as always to you
    Sue x

  7. Lovely post! The afghan looks so perfect! What a wonderful gift a new one will be for your aunt. I think I need to adopt you and move to a new house. _winks_
    Have a great week!

  8. Thank you everybody for your nice comments!!

    @Sue: squares are crocheted together with single crochet (which I think it's double crochet in UK terms).

    @Toni: haha, I won't mind. ;-)

  9. Oh, Alhana, this is absolutely gorgeous! Your mom did a wonderful job and no wonder it keeps getting "borrowed". What a lovely photo you have taken. Very inviting! Perhaps I need to plan my trip... lol

  10. Hello!

    Your mom did a GREAT job on that afghan! It's really gorgeous and it's also on my "to do list"


  11. Thanks again!!

    @Libby: anytime! You're pretty welcome. :-D

  12. What a perfect, beautiful blanket!

  13. Thank you, Lisette! It's very soft and warm, too bad the weather isn't cold anymore and I have to put it away till next autumn.

  14. Spectacular! I adore the color combinations. So bright and cheerful. Just Beautiful

  15. It's beautiful! I always wondered if an afghan in this type of colours would look good enough, but now I see it's not just good, it's wonderful! Now I have to crochet my own...

  16. @Lia & Karen: thank you very much!

    @Corina: I wondered too. These are beautiful mellow colours that match really well and make a soft contrast. I am sure you will make a wonderful afghan! :-)

  17. I love the colours you used. I would like to crochet one like this, but I am so slow... Well done!


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