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Avoid hole on opening
Cable cast on at the end of row
Crochet seamless join
Garter tab cast-on
Graft underarms 
Kelbourne Woolens tips & tricks
Line a fat bottom bag
Make a fabric yo-yo
Make amigurumis
Make tassels
Make stitch markers 
Make a biscornu 1 | 2
Make a bobbin lace pillow
Pick up provisional cast on stitches 
Sew circular bottom
Knit Icelandic sweater
Toe up heel flap sock formula


Grafting (Spanish)
Teñir con Kool-Aid (Spanish)
Coser manga pegada (Spanish)

Free patterns sites

Antique Crochet
Craft Passion
Hello Kitty Backpack
Pokemon Amigurumi
1500 Amigurumi


Calculating bobbin lace thread
Decreases calculator
Japanese Patterns Help
Knitting Help
Lanas y Ovillos (Spanish)
Multilanguage Posts
Standards & Guidelines
Stitch Fiddle Free Chart Maker
The Purl Bee


Código Confianza

Link Parties

RUMS España
RUMS España
Annemarie's Haakblog
Link Your Stuff
Cooking & Crafting with
J & J

Free patterns I have used

I have crocheted

Baby Teacup Amigurumi
Birdie Decoration
Circled Square Granny
Divine Hat
Fan Bookmark
Flower Pincushion
Granny Heart Square
Heart Square
Little Spring Mandala
Notebook Cover
Pineapple Doily
Sleeping Baby Sheep
Sunrise Sunset Afghan
Star Afghan
Tea mat & coasters
TEJUCA Blanket 
Tulip Stitch Cloth
Victorian Rose
Weaved Hotpad
26-224 AMI Doily

I have knitted

Anne Elliot Spencer
Aviatrix Baby Hat
Caitlin Pullover
Darkside Cowl
February Lady Sweater 
Fingerless Glove Seattle
Generic Toe-up Socks
Holden shawlette 
Lace-top Camisole
Magic Mirror Socks 
Miss I(ssipi) Socks
Mrs. Darcy Cardigan
Nanner Socks
Round Dishcloth
Saartje's Booties
Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan
Swallowtail Shawl
Time Traveler Socks
Upstairs Shawl
$5 in Paris

I have stitched

Blue Birds Biscornu
Guiltless Dragonfly Biscornu
Halloween Biscornu
X-mas Biscornu