Tulip Stitch Facecloth

Tulip Stitch Facecloth
Un punto fácil y bonito para mi nueva toallita de viaje

Parece que cuanto más trabajo tengo, más me apetece hacer cosas y probar nuevos patrones. Para tomarme un descanso de la cubierta, este fin de semana me hice esta toallita (que, según mi madre, no sirve de nada porque si no es de algodón, no seca). Pues sí que seca, oiga. :-)

Tulip Stitch Cloth
Lana: Chiquitin 100% acrílico blanca.
Ganchillo: 2.50 mm.
Patrón: Tulip Stitch Cloth de Tea, gratuito en inglés.
Modificaciones: para conseguir la misma medida de un cuadrado de 20x20 cm, hice el doble de puntos y de pasadas, ya que el patrón pide un ganchillo de 4 mm.

¡Feliz Lunes!
Tulip Stitch Facecloth
Easy and pretty stitch for my travelling facecloth

It seems the busier I am, the more I feel like making new things and trying new patterns. This weekend I took a break from making pieces for the bedspread and crocheted this facecloth. My mother said it isn't going to be of use because it's not made of cotton yarn. But it dries! :-)

Tulip Stitch Cloth
Yarn: Chiquitin 100% acrylic white.
Hook: 2.50 mm (US B-C).
Pattern: Tulip Stitch Cloth by Tea, free.
Adjustements: as the pattern asks for 4 mm (US G) hook I made twice the stitches and rows to get the 8x8 in square.
Happy Monday!


  1. Hello from the USA,
    Excellent rendition of the pattern!
    I knit or crochet cloths when I need a break from a monotonous pattern, too. Have a great week!

  2. Well, it looks great and yes, it does wipe! lol Great work.

  3. oh its pretty, ive been doing so much crochet at the my hands have started aching, he he!! your comment on my blog was lovely, thanks so much!!
    'see' you soon, felicity xx

  4. oh i forgot to say, I love your star blanket where did you get the pattern from? its a shame when people dont like the work and effort you've made, and guess what I never did get the hook case but...... i did get a Japanese crochet book instead, yummy cant wait for that to arrive!! xx

  5. Thank you, girls! Little pieces of work like this are a blessing when you're embarked on a big project :-)


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