22 Jun 2009

Agnes the sleeping baby sheep

Agnes the sleeping baby sheep

Decidle hola a mi primera criaturilla (ha sido más difícil de lo que me pensaba). ¡Feliz semana!
Say hello to my first creature! It was harder than expected. Have a nice week!

- Patrón / Pattern: Haruki.

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9 comentarios

  1. que hermoso!!! felicidades!! :D r

  2. Agnes is so cute......very nice for your first time. I have made no animals, I should try soon. I think your facecloth is bonita..but mommy is right, you need cotton to wash. I think I would use it on a table underneath a small lamp. It so pretty the stitch. Oh the hat I made looked familiar to you because Lorena and Libby both made one.

  3. jo la tinc en els meus "favoritos"... si no fos perque cosir-los em mata, en faria més de ninotets... pero quina mandra cosir-los pobrets...


  4. Agnes is adorable! And you are far ahead of me. I have never knit or crocheted a critter.

  5. @CT: Gracias :-D

    @Gloria: I know, but the only cotton yarn available here is cotton thread, so this one will do for now -haha.

    @Sonia: jo la vaig veure al blog de la Margarida i me'n vaig enamorar. Però sí, tens raó, cusir-los és una tortura! Petons :-)

    @Tea: Thanks! Try it out, it's fun ;-)

  6. Agnes is sooooo sweet, i love your blog your crochet always inspires me, xx

  7. Oh my! This is simply adorable. It was worth the extra effort!!!

  8. @Felicity & Libby: Thank you, girls! Yes, it was worth :-D


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