5 Jun 2009

Crocheting in public

Hoy por primera vez he sacado mis ganchillos y mis hilos de paseo. ¿Se puede considerar la habitación de un hospital como un lugar público? Al fin y al cabo, entraba y salía gente. Lo mejor de todo es que nadie me ha hecho caso. Quizá la próxima vez me atreva incluso a sentarme en un banco apartado en el parque. :-)
Today I took my hooks and yarns out for first time. Is a hospital room considered as a public place? I mean, there were people coming in and out. And nobody paid attention! Maybe next time I'm sitting on a solitary bench in the park. :-)

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5 comentarios

  1. ¡Felicidades, amiga! Tenga valor. :-)

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  3. Hello Alhana,

    I'm guessing by reading this, that, it is the first time for you crocheting in public? Congratulations if so.

    I actually plan ahead of what type of yarns, needle and project I'm doing at the time(LOL). I prefer thought straight forward crochet when in public, so as not to fumble with extra things. Honestly though I'm such a figdety person in general, and can't sit still for long, I'll get terribly bored doing nothing. Crochet helps pass the time so I don't even notice it.

    These days it the dentists offices waiting rooms and car rides getting there(LOL).

    What a sweet post, it made me smile.


  4. Yes, it was my first time crocheting in public but hasn't been my last! I too can't sit still for long but I usually took a book with me. Now I take both book and yarn. :-)


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