Storm Trooper Hello Kitty
¡Más peligrosa que Darth Vader!

De todas las visitas aleatorias que recibe este blog, el 60% proviene de la búsqueda de patrones gratuitos de Hello Kitty. Y al parecer salgo yo como resultado. Para desternillarse. El 40% restante es más variado. Y luego están —¡gracias!— las visitas habituales. Las de diario, vamos; los conocidos.

Pero como estas cosas me divierten y echar un vistazo a las palabras más frecuentes usadas para búsqueda que dan con mi sitio me priva, hoy os enseñaré mi pin preferido, que actualmente luce mi bolso de diario: Stormkitty. ;-)

Que paséis una feliz semana.
Storm Trooper Hello Kitty
More dangerous than Darth Vader!

This blog receives lots of random hits, 60% of them from people searching free patterns of Hello Kitty. It seems this site appears as a result for that search. Lmao. The remaining 40% has more variety. Finally, there are the usual visitors —thanks to you I retain my sanity!

But I find these things so amusing that I'm uploading a pic of my favourite pin, the one I'm wearing on my bag everyday: Stormkitty. ;-)

Have a nice week!


  1. he he, I love Hello Kitty, i was really hoping for a girl when i was pregnant so i could get away with lots of cute stuff!!

    I might have a bash at making my own crochet hook roll as there's a couple I really like but cant make my mind up!

    felicity xx

  2. our friend lives just outside of Valencia in a little village, and when we visit her I always think how lucky she is!! I love her traditions, when I first went out her mum taught me to make paella, i couldnt speak spanish and she couldnt speak english it was great fun, then she made me a crochet bag in cream cotton it was ornate and really pretty - i used it everyday until it wore out!! xx

  3. ¿Cómo sabes la manera la gente descubrir tu blog?

    Stormy Kitty - jajaja. :-)

  4. @Felicity: I've lived in Valencia for years but despite the orange trees I still think the British countryside is more beautiful -haha.

    Looking forward to that own-design crochet organizer!

    @Libby: the application I use for tracking my visits also includes where they come from and a keyword analysis. From time to time I look at those and find some amusing stats ;-)

  5. hi! This is the colorful doily that I'm going to make for myself:
    Is it the same one you made?

  6. @Ashley: This is the one I made:
    I love vintage crochet!

    I like your choice too. Sometimes is very difficult to choose just one.


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