28 Oct 2009

Sunrise Sunset - 1st squares

Cuando las noches se alargan y oscurece más temprano, apetece quedarse en casa y ocupar el tiempo en crear algo calentito. Hace un año que mi madre le echó el ojo a esta manta y quince días atrás decidió comenzarla. Tras varios intentos infructuosos, una traducción y numerosas explicaciones por mi parte, he aquí los primeros cuadritos:

When nights grow longer and it gets darker early, it is time to remain at home and employ those hours in making something warm. Last year my mother fell in love with this afghan and decided to start it a fortnight ago. After several unsuccessful attempts, a translation and many explanations, these are her first squares:

Sunrise Sunset first squares
Hot cocoa with marshmallows, anyone? :-)

Por supuesto, con un ganchillo menor que el que pide el patrón. Estos miden 10x10 cm por lo que toca hacer la friolera de 150 cuadraditos... y no quiere que le ayude.

Of course, she is not crocheting them with the hook the pattern asks for but a smaller one. These squares are 10x10 cm (4"x4") and we need 150 -- and she refuses my assistance!

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12 comentarios

  1. Preciosos! Con 148 más y esa combinación de colores va a quedar hermosa la manta :) Yo le doy mi aliento desde aquí a tu madre, que así se empieza ... hasta que un buen día se termina, y va a estar muuy orgullosa :)

  2. Those are beautiful squares! Looks like your mother is off to a great start on a lovely project.
    Have a great week!

  3. I hope she does really well with it. The colours are gorgeous and I'm sure lovely to work with.
    Hugs Sue.x

  4. Que belleza... Estaba viendo el patrón y la verdad es que ya se me antojó a mi también, pero acabo de terminar el montón de cuadritos para la chamarrita del bebe de mi hermana, que ya veo cuadritos hasta en sueños así que tal vez, mejor lo deje para otra vez. Pero bien tu mamá que no quiere ayuda!!!

    So beautiful!.. I was checking out the pattern and truth be told it makes me want to do it myself, but I've just finished the squares for my sister's baby blanket and I see squares even in my dreams, so I'll better leave it for some other time. And cheers for your mom that wants to do it herself!!!

  5. @Silvana: ya lleva unos cuantos más, poco a poco. Está muy entusiasmada. Besitos.

    @Tea: I love this design and taught it to her but now she is doing great on her own. I can't wait to see the afghan finished!

    @Sue: it is a fingering yarn, very nice to work with, and she is crocheting faster now that she learnt the pattern by heart.

    @Naty: demasiados cuadraditos seguidos no son buenos o terminarás por aborrecerlos. Pero dentro de un tiempo seguro que te apetece intentarlo, son preciosos.

  6. I've always admired this pattern. I noticed a new version with a correction is available from the printed version I got at my local yarn shop.

  7. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog Alhana. You ae most welcome anytime. Yes, I suppose I recycle, never thought of it that way. I just love wirey things! I have my wedding fan to update one of these days. I had real flowers on it, but now I want to crochet some new after 26 years. I want to display it somewhere in my home. Pop over anytime I'll put the kettle on. Others are welcome too

  8. its lovely, in the christmas issue of crochet today they have stockings made from granny hexagons im thinking about making one! fliss xx

  9. @Gene: I didn't know they released the pattern with mistakes, I downloaded it from the website last year, tried it and it worked fine. It is really pretty.

    @Sue: I should recycle too, but I am too lazy for that, could you tell? ;-)

    @Felicity: I have seen those Christmas stockings somewhere! I will be checking your blog to see yours. :-)

  10. I really love the colours she has chosen and can't wait to see the finished afghan, it is going to look wonderful. Dev x

  11. What a lovely blog! I found you through Mrs Twins and will follow you with interest!


  12. Thank you, ladies! This project is coming along nicely, I will try to take some pictures soon. If only I could crochet some squares and collaborate!


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