Autumn Sweater

Todavía ando un poco pachucha y depre pero es que si no actualizo a menudo se me acabará acumulando el trabajo. Antes que nada quería daros las gracias por las felicitaciones, parecerá una tontería pero es que ni mi familia ni mis amigos (excepto dos o tres) me felicitaron porque fue una ocasión un poco triste, y o bien se olvidaron, o bien decidieron pasarlo por alto. Así que ¡mil gracias por animarme el día!

También me gustaría saludar a mis nuevas lectoras: Sue, Naty, Alex... ¡encantada! Espero que lleguemos a conocernos. :-D

I am still under the weather and a bit depressed but if I don't post often my work is going to pile up! First of all I would like to say thanks to you girls for your congratulations, it could seem silly but I didn't get any 'happy birthday' from my family or friends since it was a sad time and they forgot or chose not to talk about it. So a big thank you to you for cheering me up!

Also I would like to greet my new readers: Sue, Naty, Alex... pleased to meet you all! Hope we can get to know each other. :-D

Y ahora al tema. La rebeca marcha estupendamente, y mis otros proyectos... pues también marchan:
- colcha: tengo que coser todos los hexágonos *brrrr*
- manta de estrella: necesito motivación, ¿algún bebé a la vista por ahí? ;-)
- calcetines: he terminado uno y me encanta, falta empezar la pareja.
- bolso concha: tengo que coser el forro *lalalala*

Y por supuesto, tengo que sacar fotos de todo. Pereza es mi segundo nombre...

Now off to business. The cardigan is coming along nicely and still in progress, as well as my other WIPs:
- bedspread: need to sew all hexagons together *shudders*
- starghan: need motivation to finish it, any baby in view out there? ;-)
- socks: finished one and loving it, need to start the pair.
- shell bag: need to sew the lining *sneaks away*

And of course, need to take pictures of everything. Laziness is my middle name...

Autumn Sweater
Trying it on

Durante los últimos meses - porque le gusta tomárselo con calma - mi madre me ha estado tejiendo un jersey con ochos y hojas y por fin lo ha terminado. No le gusta hacer labores en verano porque hace un calor horrible y como no nos gusta el aire acondicionado cuando llega mayo para y retoma las agujas o el ganchillo en septiembre. Pero esta vez, cuando buscó las piezas del jersey para coserlo se dio cuenta de que las mangas eran demasiado anchas para mis brazos - soy delgada y tengo los brazos muy flacos - y el cuello demasiado largo. Le tocó deshacerlos e improvisar las mangas pero lo consiguió, y el jersey ha quedado estupendo, como podeis ver. Demasiado grueso para el otoño cálido que estamos teniendo este año pero perfecto para los fríos días de invierno. ¡Gracias, mamá! Es toda una artista, todavía me queda un largo camino para alcanzarla.

These past months - because she likes to take her time - my mother has been knitting a sweater for me with cables and leaves and finally she finished it. She doesn't like to craft in summer because it is awfully hot and we don't like a.c. so she stops around May and takes her needles/hooks up again on September. But this time, when she looked for the sweater parts to sew them together she noticed the sleeves were too wide for my arms - I am slim but my arms are really thin - and the neck too long. She needed to frog them and improvise the sleeve pattern to make it narrower but she did it! And the sweater is gorgeous, as you can see. Too thick for this warm autumn we are having this year but perfect for the cold winter days. Thank you, mum!! She is so skilled, I still have a long way ahead of me to catch her up.

Autumn Sweater
Cables and leaves close-up

Por cierto, ¿recordais la manta Rainbow? El bebé de mi prima nació en septiembre y se la envié. Pronto iré de visita para el bautizo y espero tener la oportunidad de hacerle una foto a los dos juntitos y acaramelados. :-)

By the way, do you remember the Rainbow Afghan? My cousin's baby was born on September and I sent the blanket to her. I will go visiting soon for his christening and maybe I will get a chance to take a photo of them cosy & together. :-)

Esto es todo de momento, pronto actualizaré y pondré fotos de los calcetines. Espero que estéis pasando una feliz semana.

That's all for the moment, I will update soon with photos of the socks. Hope you're having a nice week!


  1. hola guapa
    mil gracias por pasar por mi blog, de verdad, sabes que tejer es una terapia genial, y te lo digo yo que ando con depre jeje, y es cosa de engancharse y chas, salen cosas muy bellas
    ahora me atacare a los calcetines con 5 agujas ohh que miedo de verdad, jeje
    un besito grande

  2. I am such a bad friend, I have been so busy with life that I have - at most - been blogging, but really haven't been reading or leaving too many comments lately, which means I missed your birthday.
    So, happy belated birthday!
    The sweater your mom knitted is fabulous, Gee, I wish I had someone to make me one! LOL
    Have a good one!

  3. I've also been awful in not stopping by and wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    The sweater is gorgeous! Lovely colors in the yarn. What a wonderful Mom.

    Hope you are feeling better!


  4. what a gorgeous sweater! I look forward to seeing the socks you're making. My husband just put in a request for a pair of grey socks, I've never made a pair before =/

  5. però que és aquest desànim!?!?¿?!¿?
    per favor, no vull ni sentir a parlar de depre... a teixir i a teixir (si, també de tant en tant s'ha de folrar i afegir i rematar fils, digues-m'ho a mi) però que serveixi per a pujar l'ànim, vinga!!!

    TEIXIT TERÀPIA A TOPE!!! oh yeah!!!

    besitos wapa

  6. It's great to see you posting again, and I can't wait to see your socks and cardigan.

    And now, we know where your talent with needles came from. Your mom is a brilliant knitter! Autumn Sweater is beautiful and fits you perfectly! Thanks for sharing the pics.

    Have a great week, and enjoy the season. :)

  7. I'm so glad to see you back here again too. Sometimes we need to get back to routines to help us "pick up the pieces." It's amazing how we can find joy in just the simple things, like blogging and hearing from our blogger friends. :-)

    Your mom is fantabulous! I wished I could be her apprentice. Why do you have to live so far from me???

  8. Hi Alhana,
    Love the sweater! Gorgeous, love the colours
    Thanks for visiting me pop over again!

  9. @Alex: gracias a ti. Suerte con los calcetines (es más fácil de lo que parece).

    @Alessandra: thank you! Life is keeping us busy lately, I missed many bloggy things too.

    @Kar: thank you! I chose the yarn (my only contribution to the project, lol).

    @Ashley: socks are easier that it seems once you're knitting them, I promise. ;-)

    @Sònia: això faig, teràpia llanera, que si no m'afonaré del tot. Besets!

    @Tea: she is! She wants me to sew too but that is something I can't do, I lack patience.

    @Libby: I was wondering the same! Why don't you move nearer? lol

    @Sue: thanks to you too for visiting!

  10. Oh, impresionante! Ya casi no me sorprende tu gran habilidad para crear estas cosas tan bonitas con agujas y lana, pero aún persiste el asombro, sin duda. Son verdaderas obras de arte =)

  11. Happy Belated B-day, I too have a birthday this month and feel somewhat depressed about it, I think it is due to having no family around, it is not the b-day as much as it makes me think about them more.

    The sweater is simply gorgeous and I love the falls colors. Fall is my favorite time of year.

    Love walking in the crisp air.

    Take care and thank you for being kind enough to let me know that you would make an Afghan square if you had the yarn. It is only 20 squares and I am sure between myself and my dear friend Yvette and volunteers we will get it done with no problem.

  12. @Mariel: gracias por los piropos, guapa. Intento superarme día a día, aunque me quita tiempo de estudiar latín. :-(

    @Glo: thank you, sweetie. Not having your loved ones around you on your birthday is so sad, I know. Hope many people volunteer and you can get the afghan done soon. I would collaborate if the yarn choice was free.


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