L'amour sans frontières

Amour Sans Frontieres
By Mlle. Alex

Mlle. Alex está recogiendo cuadritos de 10x10 cm (a ganchillo, dos agujas o telar) de cualquier material, diseño y color para hacer una manta a beneficio de la protectora de animales de Zafra. Más información, en francés y castellano en su blog L'amour sans frontières. Si eres amante de los animales y te sobra un poco de lana en casa, no dejes pasar esta ocasión. :-)

Mlle. Alex needs some 10x10 cm (4"x4") square grannies of any colour, yarn or design, crocheted, knitted or weaved. She will make an afghan in aid of the Animal Protection Society of Zafra (Spain). More info at her blog L'amour sans frontières - in French and Spanish. I can translate into English if you are interested but don't speak any of these. If you love animals and have some spare yarn at home, don't miss this! :-)


  1. That's a very worthy cause. I sure hope a lot of people will send squares. It would cost a lot of money to send them from the U.S. so I will have to do my part by continuing to care for the two big dogs here at my house. We rescued them when previous owners lost their home and couldn't take them along, but they are very happy here at our farm now. And they SURE EAT A LOT. lol ;)

  2. I know the shipping cost is going to be the highest obstacle in this race but I still hope people in Europe try their best and send some squares. Of course, I am going to send as many as I can!
    I can't have any pet at the moment but I do care about animals a lot.

    If I lived in a farm I'd love to take in greyhounds, hunters usually kill them when they aren't useful anymore but some of them are rescued by protection societies. Now I'm curious about your dogs, how about some pics to introduce them to us? :-)

  3. "pondió pondió!!!!" quadraditos solidaris que se m'havien passat de llarg...
    ara m'hi poso :-)

  4. Sonieta, sabia que podria comptar amb tu. Ets la ganxillera més solidària del món! :-D

  5. I'm enjoying reading your blog Alhana very much. Thanks for visiting mine. I hope you are okay. Chat again!

  6. Has adivinado! jajaja Se va para Europa este matecito coqueto :), así no va a pasar tanto frío ^^

    Y para el refugio ... ¡a tejer se ha dicho!♥

    Un beso grande y que tengas una bella semana.



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