16 Oct 2010

$6.50 Sweater - 3rd step

El cuerpo ya está terminado. ¡Ahora las mangas! Quedaría muy mono con manguita de farol, lo sé, pero es que no le encuentro la utilidad a las prendas de lana con manga corta.

Body is finished. Off to knit the sleeves! It would look really cute (I know!) with puff sleeves but I find warm clothes with short sleeves useless.

$6.50 Sweater - 3rd step
Got a twin for this photoshoot

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  1. This is looking so good! I'm so proud of you and this color scheme! So, did you modify the neckline on this one?

  2. @Libby: thank you! You were the one with falcon eyes who chose them. ;-)
    No, I didn't modify anything at all on this pattern, only some small adjustements to make it a smaller size (as always).

  3. ¡Precioso!
    Por cierto, no te he dicho nada, pero dejé tu lana el otro día en el correo, debería estar al llegar, si es que no ha llegado ya ^^


  4. Felicidades Alhana!
    Es precioso y te sienta como un guante. Ya nos enseñarás las mangas.
    Feliz semana.

  5. ¡Impecable! :o ¡Ánimo y a por las mangas!

  6. @Jane & Maryse: thank you very much. :-)

    @Miso: todavía no ha llegado pero gracias por el aviso. Ahora estaré pendiente de cualquier ruidito en la calle por si es el cartero. ^^ ¡Qué ilu!

    @Carmen & Marisa: lo peor de las mangas ha sido intentar hacerlas con agujas circulares de un metro. Las he cambiado por cuatro agujas de doble punta y ahora va mucho mejor. Espero tenerlo terminado muy pronto. :-)

  7. I like it so much without the sleeves! And did you ever try warm clothes without sleeves? I thought it was useless too, but totally changed my mind once trying one.

  8. @Manou: yes, I understand, I love it without sleeves too! But sadly I need the long sleeves as I need to cover my undershirt. I don't have heating at home nor at the office so I can't wear short sleeves in winter.

  9. Wow, you are a very fast knitter! The sweater is gorgeous. Ha ha, I don't like sweaters with no sleeves or short ones, either. It makes no sense!
    Oh, guess what; I'm knitting my first sweater. o.O

  10. a mi m'agraden molt, els jerseis de llana de màniga curta i coll alt!!!

    necessites un lloc amb calefacció per posar-te'ls però m'agraden... que hi farem...

    molt bonic t'esta quedant, m'oblidava de dir-te jijiij

  11. @Tea: I saw it! Congratulations (aren't they easier than you thought?)

    @Sonieta: això mateixa, necessitaria calefacció... que no tinc, ni a casa ni al treball. Per això, màniga llarga sempre i a estalviar recursos energètics! :-)

  12. Beautiful colors! I am definitely not brave enough to create any clothing yet. Your stitches look so neat and lovely. :-)

  13. Alhana,
    I thought I had commented sorry. Just flying over to say hello to you and I was amazed my comment wasn't there.

    Well you have a twin now!
    You have done so well with this project. I just love the colours. You've chosen them very well indeed, and you look stunning.
    Wish we could see your face though!
    I hope Mother is well,
    thinking of you both,
    have a good weekend,Love Suex

  14. @Erica: thank you! You should try making clothes - I did't know how until I tried.

    @Sue: well, you know what both of us think about privacy on the net. ;-)


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