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Crocheting in public
¡¡Por fin está aquí septiembre!! Adiós, adiós, odioso verano. Y para celebrarlo, una foto: haciendo ganchillo mientras espero el metro. Había poquita gente alrededor pero más tarde dentro del vagón recibí unas cuantas miradas. A lo mejor hasta estoy en un par de blogs por ahí como la rara que hacía cosas con hilos, porque la gente que estaba sentada enfrente tenía cámaras. ;-)

September is finally here!! Bye bye, hateful summer. And here is this picture to celebrate it: crocheting while waiting for the metro. There were few people around me but later in the train I got some stares. Maybe I am being pictured in a couple of blogs out there as the weird woman doing stuff with yarn because the people sitting in front of me were holding cameras. Lol. ;-)

Kar me nominó durante este verano así que aquí van seis cosas aleatorias sobre mí:
Kar tagged me earlier this summer and now I have to tell you six random things about me:

1. Nunca visto de rojo / Never wear red.
2. Miope / Shortsighted.
3. No tengo carnet de conducir / Don't have a driving licence.
4. Adoro los libros de Harry Potter / Love Harry Potter books.
5. Tengo fobia a volar / Have a phobia about flying.
6. Duermo con los calcetines puestos / Sleep with socks on.

Además, hoy recibí este premio para el blog de parte de Libby. ¡Muchas gracias! Dice que lo merezco por animarme a tejer en público. ¡Ahora puedo probarlo! :-D
Por mi parte, se lo doy a Felicity, por sus hermosas y cautivadoras palabras, que hacen que cada pequeño detalle del día a día sea maravilloso.

Also, today I was awarded this blogger award from Libby. Thank you very much! She said I deserve it for finally crocheting in public. Here you go, I have evidence! :-D
I'm passing it to Felicity, for her lovely and mesmerizing writting that makes every little thing of her daily life look wonderful.

¡Feliz mes de septiembre! Happy September!


  1. YAY!!!
    I am so proud of you!
    Who cares what other people think anyways? LOL
    I used to crochet in public all the time, but now with Lucas not as much, but I kinda miss it.... LOL

  2. ¡Felicidades! Congratulations! Now the question is, who took the picture?

  3. nena!! benviguda al club de les loques que fan coses amb fil en públic :-) tenim 3,5 de 6 coses en comú:
    1. Nunca visto de rojo -->jo tampoc
    2. Miope --> jo també (+astigmatisme, lote completo)
    3. No tengo carnet de conducir -->veus, d'això si que en tinc, encara que me'l van robar amb el bolso i no me n'he fet cap duplicat perque tampoc el faig servir...(li podriem donar el mig punt)
    4. Adoro los libros de Harry Potter--> dec ser de les poques persones que no l'ha llegit, no em diu res...
    5. Tengo fobia a volar--> més que fobia, respecte.
    6. Duermo con los calcetines puestos--> SI!!!! glamourosa total!!!

  4. Congratulations!! You are Ms. Crochet of Spain! Now, get out there and make us proud! _giggles_

    I'm glad summer is over, too! I'm with you on not wearing red...don't want to be targeted by any bulls...;)

  5. ok, so you totally inspired me.... I crocheted in class last night during our break-time. =D

  6. @Ashley: Yay!! Let's bring our hooks out there!

    @Alessandra: I used to care but now I see it is no big deal. ;-)

    @Libby: ¡Gracias! My significant other took it with his mobile phone.

    @Sònia: Gràcies! I visca el glamour calcetinero!!

    @Toni: Thanks! Now I feel like I've won a crochet pageant. ;-)

  7. Gracias por tu visita, tu blog es precioso y las cosas que haces tambien!

  8. congratulations for the award and for public crocheting, i did it at the train station and got lots of strange looks!! thank you for passing the award on to me, your so kind!! I tried my first amigurumi crochet this week for my son, i really loved it, i'll post about it next week, have a lovely week end, fliss xx

  9. Coincido en todo menos en lo del carnet de conducir!

  10. Felicidades! y ya sabes que no eres la única ;)

  11. Thank you so much for my lovely swap gifts - will write properly later but have been so busy with guests this past 10 days.

    If you want to crochet on the metro then why not? Go ahead and disregard any stares - they are probably intrigued and wish they knew how to do it too!


  12. @Eseya: Gracias a ti también.

    @Felicity: Thank you. I can't wait to see your amigurumi!

    @Lolita: Somos más de las que me pensaba en el Ejército de los Calcetines para Dormir entonces. ;-)

    @Eclipse: Y poco a poco seremos más. :-D

    @Jane: I'm so glad they got to you safely! Hope you enjoy them.

  13. Gracias por tu visita :)
    y por tu comentario ^u^

    Hace tieeempo te tengo en la lista de mis blogs preferidos.
    Hasta prontito :)

  14. Hello Alhana,

    So glad that you are getting the hang of crocheting in public. Don't worry about the stares, you won't notice after crocheting for a while, this I've noticed before.

    I was reading this post and it reminded me of this man on the metro train as well. You will have to copy and paste to your browser. It always intrigues me that there are actually men out there that enjoy crocheting/knitting.



  15. That was simply hilarious!! Thanks for sharing it with me. ;-)

  16. Your welcome!

    Kind regards.


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