Desde niña aprendí a tejer con dos agujas: me enseñó mi madre, así como a hacer ganchillo. Pero nunca hice nada porque sentía que era incómodo. De niña, una simple bufanda era un proyecto largo y tedioso, y tejer por tejer sin un objetivo era una pérdida de tiempo que podía emplear en jugar o leer - algo que me gusta de verdad. Más tarde, siendo adolescente, retomé las agujas y el ganchillo con placer. Hice un par de tapetes y aprendí a leer los gráficos, era como saber leer partituras. Pero seguía sin gustarme hacer jersey: que si tejía muy prieto, que si retorcía los puntos, que si se me quedaban agujeros por todas partes... Y lo peor, tenía rampas. Es por eso que hasta el día de hoy he intentado tejer innumerables veces pero siempre tenía que dejarlo estar después de tener el brazo izquierdo casi paralizado por el dolor.

I've known how to knit since I was a child: my mother taught me, as well as crochet. But never made anything because I felt it was uncomfortable. As a child, a simple scarf was seen as a big boring project and just knitting for practice without a goal was wasting the time I could spend playing or reading - something I really love. Later as a teenager I took up the needles and hook again with pleasure. I crocheted a couple of doilies and learnt to read charts; it felt like reading music sheets. But I still couldn't get any fun knitting: I held the yarn too tight, I twisted stitches, there were holes everywhere... And the worst of it, I got cramps. That's why until today, I've attempted to knit countless times but had to stop after having my left arm almost paralyzed by pain.

A día de hoy me da vergüenza el haber abandonado tantísimas veces y nunca haber intentado entrenar y domar mi muñeca. Tenía mucha envidia de los maravillosos proyectos que hay en Ravelry: jerseys, guantes, calcetines, faldas, chaquetas... ¡Tan bonitos y personalizados! Yo también quiero hacerme mi propia ropa, de todos modos, ni siquiera sigo la moda. Y no puedo hacer todo lo que me gusta a ganchillo. Es por eso que he recogido las agujas de nuevo, y esta vez voy en serio. Tengo un objetivo: hacerme una rebeca, una realmente bonita, para ponérmela este otoño. ¡Deseadme suerte!

Today I feel it's a shame I've given up so many times and never tried to train and tame my wrist. I've been envious of all those fabulous projects on Ravelry: sweaters, gloves, socks, skirts, jackets... They look so nice and customized! I also want to make my own clothes, I don't follow fashion trends anyways. And I can't make all the clothes I like just crocheting. That is why I've picked up my needles once again, and this time it's for real. I have a goal: knitting a cardigan, a really nice cardigan, for me to wear this autumn. Wish me luck!

p.s.: Sí, se llama Mrs. Darcy. Soy una fangirl, no lo puedo evitar / Yes, it's called Mrs. Darcy. I'm such a fangirl, I can't help it! :-)


  1. That's a lovely pattern. I really like the sweater. Good luck with your new project. Look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. I admire you for that... I love knitted things as well, but just don't have fun knitting, maybe one day I should give it another try.
    Can't wait to see your cardigan!

  3. You will be a wonder at knitting in no time at all! I did the same as you many times before I learned to knit correctly. I thought there was something wrong with me that I could not learn to knit then one day it clicked to relax and let the yarn flow. Just remind yourself to relax..and you'll be knitting that beautiful cardigan and enjoying it, too! I can't wait to see your sweater!! :)

  4. That's a really beautiful cardigan. I believe that you can and will do it! For the last couple of nights, I've picked up the knitting needles again too. I frogged my project three times because I felt so clumsy with those needles and the yarn of my choice probably isn't helping, but I refuse to buy another chunky type. I'm using my stash. Tonight, I'll be adding to my three or four rows on this fourth attempt.

  5. Yo me uno al coro que te grita ¡ánimo! Te va a salir precioso :) y lo vas a lucir con orgullo ^u^

    Un beso.

  6. i per no saber-ne... uau!!! que alt que poses el llistó, wapa!! anava a dir-te que quina gràcia... el knitting també es la meva assignatura pendent i que la podiem teixir juntes... però he entrat a raverly i sort que estava asseguda... no m'atreveixo... hauré de començar per una bufanda... jajaja i seguir fent quadradets de ganxet...

  7. Muchísimo ánimo. Con esfuerzo y constancia, ya verás como lo consigues!
    Mil besos.

  8. Gracias por vuestro apoyo, la rebeca progresa adecuadamente. :-)

    Thank you all for your support, the cardigan is coming along nicely. :-)

  9. Oh i agree with everything you said about knitting, no matter how hard i try it never seems to work, my mum, anutie my cousins, my nan they can all knit beautifully but me, no! I've asked them to show me and sit with me countless times, i did knit joshy baby cardigans and they weren't too bad. i do seem to be better at crochet than them though. the cardigan looks lovely,its tempting me too!
    on another note are you ok? is there anything i can help with and if you feel like a chat just send me an email
    take care, fliss xx


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