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El verano sigue su curso, y mientras la gente se relaja y disfruta de las vacaciones, la vida me golpea donde más me duele. Mi terapia: el ganchillo. Mi objetivo: terminar y enviar el regalo a mi sorprendida a tiempo mientras hago acopio de fuerzas. Aquí os dejo un aperitivo.

As summertime goes on, people relax and enjoy holidays and life stabs me in the back. My therapy: crochet. My aim: finishing and sending the gift to my swap partner in time, and enduring everything else. Take a sneak peek!

Holidays pincushion
Useful & pretty

Christmas ornament
What is this?


  1. an ornament of some sort...??

    Thanks for the comment on my new hat! I could write up the pattern for you if you're interested?

  2. Oh you tease me! I can't wait to see the finished product (after your swap partner receives them, of course!). I know they will be liked. :-)

  3. oh can't wait to see what it is, hope your ok, crochet always calms my stresses! fliss xx

  4. @Ashley: you're right, it's an ornament. ;-)

    @Libby: you'll see it (when it's the right time), of course!

    @Felicity: thank you, I've learnt it also calms me.

  5. és la millor teràpia del món... i a més tens un resultat final (que normalment serveix per regalar, o no... depenent de lo churro que surti)

    petons i ànims

  6. Thanks for sharing that link with me - I did't know Ravelry offered that. I was trying to create it as a pattern on there and it asked for the PDF or Website link, so I assumed it had to be from somewhere other than Ravelry. Good to know for next time!

  7. la terapia ganxetera és la millor: barateta, productiva i mooolt gratificant! aquest projecte té molt bona pinta...

  8. Can't wait to see how the ornament turns out.

    I tagged you for six random things. Come by my blog and see the rules. Can't wait to hear about your random things. :)

    Have great day dear!


  9. @Sonieta & Margarida: moltes gràcies pels ànims, noies!!

    @Kar: you'll see the ornament and my six random things soon. ;-)

  10. Your crochet work is excellent so I'm sure your swap partner will be tickled to pieces! (Hope that translates correctly. ;) I'm from the hills in the Southern part of the US and we have our own form of English.

    Have a great week!


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