Green Pea Fat Bag - finished

Green Pea Fat BagEl FBB ya está completamente terminado, con su adorno incluido. Por el momento es provisional, no está cosido sino puesto con un imperdible, lo que me permite moverlo a otro sitio si lo prefiero o cambiarlo por otra cosa más adelante. Al final he dejado la rosa color butano, que sigo viendo fea, pero de momento no tengo lana en otros colores.

My FBB is now finished, rose decoration included. That is just provisional because I don't really like it bright orange, but at the moment I don't have any other colour to make another rose. I used a safety pin to attach it to the bag, so I can move it or replace it later.

Lana: Katia Mississippi, 60% algodón / 40% acrílica, color verde.
Ganchillo: 3,50 mm.
Tamaño: 45 cm ancho x 30 cm fondo.
Patrón: Samanta.
Modificaciones: empezando con 32 cadenetas, aumenté durante 24 pasadas, después 12 sin aumentar y otras 24 para menguar. El fruncido está hecho saltando 2 puntos en vez de 1, con 6 pasadas de punto bajo. Las asas tienen 80 cadenetas y otras 6 pasadas de punto bajo.
Consejo: Annie-Beans tiene un tutorial paso a paso muy completo, que incluye el montaje del forro. En inglés.

Yarn: Green 60% cotton / 40% acrylic Katia Mississippi.
Hook: 3.50 mm (US E).
Size: 45 cm width x 30 cm depth.
Pattern: Samanta.
Adjustements: started with 32 ch, made 24 rows increasing, 12 without increasing and another 24 decreasing. To make the gather I skipped 2 sts instead of 1, and made 6 rows of sc. To make the handles I made 80 ch and another 6 rows of sc.
Tip: Annie-Beans has a fabulous step-by-step tutorial which also includes the lining of the bag.

Green Pea Fat Bag
I guess the lining is prettier than the outside

No me puedo creer que haya terminado otro proyecto tan pronto. Ahora toca hacer el adorno navideño para mi compañera del intercambio. Y en una semana estaré de vacaciones... ¡Feliz verano!

I can't believe I finished another project so soon! Now I'm off to make the Christmas ornament for my swap partner. In a week I'll be leaving for vacation... Happy summer!


  1. Oh this looks so good! I'm glad that you're working so diligently and finishing the projects. It feels good doesn't it? :-D

    Since you don't like the orange, maybe you can try a deep pink, or a gold color. Or perhaps use a brooch or pin or a nice big clip on earring.

    I love it! And, enjoy your vacation. :-)

  2. oh its so pretty, you crochet so fast, hope you have a lovely holiday!! fliss xx

  3. You bag is adorable!! I am enjoying discoverying your blog! :-) Dawn

  4. Oh my goodness, your bag is just beautiful! Very stylish! And, sorry, but you are wrong; the outside is much prettier than the lining. Sorry to disagree with you, but I had to say it!
    Hope your vacation is a blast! :)

  5. Yes yes mommy you can enter my give away.

    I am sorry I realize I put only US but I changed it.

    go today and enter your name please.


  6. The bag is gorgeous, nice work!

  7. Thank you girls for your kind comments! I took my bag out today and it was a success! :-)

  8. It looks wonderful!!!!!! congrats!!!

  9. @CT: Thanks!!
    @Bend Beanies: Thank you! Your tutorial has been very helpful.

  10. The bag is great! Lol, I halfway like the orange rose, reminds me of the Irish flag!

  11. @Youngest: you're right, Beth. It does look like the Irish flag. I'm slowly beginning to like the orange rose... but still not sure. ;-)

  12. Ohhh! es precioso!!!
    Conteste tu duda sobre calcetines el mi blog. Espero que te sirva de ayuda.

  13. That is so pretty!!! You did a very good job on your bag and I love how the orange flower looks on it :)

  14. @breakmydreams: thank you so much!


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