6 Feb 2009

Collective Blanket 2009 by Hello Mizu

By HelloMizu

Laura de Hello Mizu invita a todo aquel que se quiera apuntar a participar en la creación de una colcha colectiva y solidaria. Tan sólo es necesario tener ganas y saber tejer un poquito. Toda la información del proyecto está en su blog (pinchad la imagen).

Por supuesto, pondré mi granito de arena. ;-)
By HelloMizu

Laura from Hello Mizu invites you to join her Collective Blanket project. The only requirement is to be willing to take part and to knit/crochet a little. All the info in her blog -just click on the pic above.

Of course, I'm doing my bit. ;-)

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7 comentarios

  1. I'm glad that you are participating in such a neat project. Now you won't be able to procrastinate because someone is depending on you. :-)

  2. You made me laugh! But yes, Procrastinatrix should be my middle name. Fortunately I only have to make some squares at my own pace ;-)

  3. No, I don't have to make the same stitches as the one before me. That's great because I probably know less stitches than the other people in my group and I don't know this stitch she used. I'll probably borrow a stitch book from my neighbor to see if I can find something complimentary.

    I have no idea what color, but I'm leaning toward some shade of purple. In the book that came with the scarf she mentioned that she liked certain colors and if you look closely at the variegation there is a shade of purple in there.

    A minor problem that I have is that I live in a small city and we don't have yarn stores here, only one discount store that sells yarn but the selection is small. I am going to the capital city next week and I will take the scarf with me to find a matching yarn. Wish me luck!

    Now I am off to work. We have to make up a school day on Saturday because we missed a day due to a one day of snow this week.

    Happy Saturday to you! :-) [Gee this was a long post, sorry!]

  4. I got that pattern at a Brazilian magazine, if I had it in English I would share it with you for sure!
    Thank you for the compliments though.

  5. Libby: you can post as long as you please, make yourself at home ;-) Can't wait to see what are you doing with the traveling scarf, I'm pretty excited with this project of yours! If she talked about colours she liked I guess the best you can do is to please her. Good luck in your yarn hunting!

    Just be happy: I don't understand Portuguese enough to follow a pattern, I wish it would be in English. Thank you anyway ;-)

  6. I get less and less of the sneering now, but I also tend to hang around the older crowd at times, "so there you go!" (I borrowed that expression from the movie, My Big Fat, Greek Wedding.) How old are you anyways (if you don't mind me asking)? I'm 32.

  7. Just 2 yrs younger than you, 30. And I love that film, I've seen it more than 10 times already!
    Btw, all these comments going to and fro is driving me crazy, don't know exactly whether to answer you here or in your blog x-)


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