Dragonfly stitch markers

Para marcar esos puntos clave cuando tejemos se puede usar simplemente un trozo de lana con nudo corredizo o unos aros de plástico que sean lo suficientemente anchos para que quepan las agujas. Desgraciadamente para mí, tiendo a perder los hilos (o a tejerlos en la prenda) y a romper los aritos de plástico... Por esta razón, gracias a este tutorial me he hecho unos marcadores de puntos bastante resistentes (¡y muy monos!). Lo único que deseo ahora es que la lana no se enganche y se me eche a perder el invento.

To mark those key stitches when knitting you can just use scraps of yarn tied in a slip knot or use simple plastic rings wide enough for the needle to fit them up. Unfortunately, I tend to either lose the scraps or knit them into the project or break the plastic rings. lol That's why I came up with these sturdy and cute stitch markers thanks to this tutorial. My only wish now is they won't catch on the yarn!

Dragonfly stitch markers
Maya the Bee's second cousins


  1. Those are very pretty! I heard of someone putting clear fingernail polish on the end of the wire where it's snipped and it's suppose to help stop the snagging. I've not tried it myself.

  2. Those stitch markers are adorable! Very smart of you to make them yourself! We had bee hives years ago so I do love bees!! Good job! Have a great week!

  3. Thanks for the tip - looks simple enough and what a good idea.


  4. Just seen these on Flickr simply gorgeous!
    I love them so much!
    Hugs Suex

  5. @Kar: thank you for the tip, I'll try that. :-)

    @Tea: I wasn't confident I could make them but they turned out pretty, don't they? :-D

    @Jane: glad to be helpful! :-)

    @Sue: thank you! Hugs.

    @Ganxetades: moltes gràcies! Fa goig teixir ara. :-D

  6. Many thanks for your comment on my blog - if I could write that well in a language which wasn't my own then I'd be thrilled! I do understand what you said and will certainly give it all a go tomorrow Thanks a million.

    Jane x

  7. These are such beautiful stitch markers! I know you can't wait to use them and see these beauties dangling from your new project. I used my first stitch markers (the little plastic rings) this weekend, but unfortunately I don't think I'm knitting correctly so I'm quitting. Maybe the rings weren't pretty enough! lol

  8. They are SO cute and personalized! Love!

  9. Gracias por pasarte por mi blog, el tuyo lo tengo desde hace tiempo en favoritos.

  10. @Libby: how well do you know me? I am already using them! :-D

    @Maryse: choosing the main bead was the best part of making them. :-)

    @Marisa: ¡lo son! Parece que dé más gusto tejer y todo.

    @Rosa: ¡gracias a ti por el enlace!

  11. Que pasada!!!
    Yo me compré unos imperdibles de plástico y los he perdido...

  12. Thanks for your comment on mine. Last night I tried and published my post and then found when I viewed it that it didn't work so deleted it thinking as nobody had commented nobody had seen it! I was wrong obviously!! I will try again with the scans and next time I'll wait and see if people say they can't read it.

    Thanks for your help.


  13. Good Afternoon Alhana,
    Just letting you know your SIBOL Squares have arrived!
    Thank you so much!
    I will Flickr mail you!
    Hugs suex

  14. @Carmen: suele pasar... A ver si a mí con estos, aunque sólo sea por llevar más cuidado al ser "especiales", me duran más. Un abrazo.

    @Jane: you are welcome! Trial and error is the best way of learning blogging things. :-)

    @Sue: so soon! Wonderful! :-D


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