24 Aug 2010

Saratto - 1st step

Con todas las tormentas de la pasada semana parecía que el verano se había ido y el otoño pedía permiso para entrar... Pues no. Las temperaturas de repente han alcanzado (y superado) los 40 grados y el tiempecito fresco que teníamos ha desaparecido. :-(
Esto significa que no puedo empezar algunos proyectos que tenía en mente para la temporada entrante, aunque siendo optimista también quiere decir que todavía tengo tiempo para hacerme alguna prenda de verano y, si tejo lo suficientemente rápido, ponérmela. :-)

With all the storms from past week it looked like summer was gone and autumn was asking for permission to enter... Wrong. Temperatures suddenly reached - and surpassed - 40C (104F) and the cool weather we were enjoying is nowhere to see. :-(
That means I can't start some projects I had in mind for this upcoming season. On the brighter side, this is great chance to make some summer clothes, meaning that I still can wear them if I crochet fast enough. :-)

Saratto Cotton Vest - 1st step
Strawberries & Cream

De modo que me estoy haciendo una camiseta blanca y rosa. Una gran oportunidad para hacer algo con todos los ovillos de hilo de algodón de colorines que se ven tan monos en la tienda y luego no sabes qué hacer con ellos.

I am crocheting a pink and white top. A nice opportunity to make something with all those cotton thread skeins I had in my stash - the ones that look so nice and colourful at the shop but later you don't know what to do with them.

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6 comentarios

  1. I love the shine on the yarn you are using. It's going to look great when you are finished.

  2. Hang in there, summer will soon be over...I hope, I hope...lol. This is the longest heat wave we have had in many years. I feel you pain!
    Love the yarn your using. :)

  3. La verdad es que sí ¡esas madejas son muy tentadoras! El patrón es chulísimo: estoy deseando ver cómo queda...

  4. Hi Alhana!
    What a beautiful yarn! I have not seen real two-coloured before, only more like shaded or variageted.

  5. Thank you ladies! The yarn (cotton thread) is very appealing and despite the heat -43.5C yesterday- the top is coming along nicely. :-)

  6. The weather fools us Alhana. One day it is miserable and wet, the next hot.
    I feel Autumn coming on and then what after? Christmas!
    Hugs and love Suex


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