16 May 2010

Kreative, she said

Siento no haber estado por aquí últimamente pero mi muñeca y codo izquierdos me duelen mucho. Tengo malas costumbres a la hora de dormir y parece que los he retorcido (sí, ya sé que es raro). Por suerte soy diestra y puedo trabajar con normalidad, pero me duele bastante al tejer y teclear así que esta vez seré breve. Muchas gracias, Alessandra, por darme el Kreative Blog Award, aunque aún me queda un largo camino a recorrer para alcanzarte. :-)

Las reglas son las siguientes: haz una lista de 7 cosas que probablemente no sepa de ti y después pásaselo a otros 7 blogs kreativos. Esta es mi lista:

  1. Soy muy estricta con la gramática y las faltas de ortografía y me hiere en lo más hondo saber que mi inglés es mediocre y a saber qué tonterías escribo cada vez que publico. Por favor, si sabes más que yo, no dudes en corregirme.
  2. Soy muy especial para comer. Creo que eso explica por qué estoy tan delgada.
  3. Resulta que tengo doble articulación en los pulgares. Siempre había pensado que las tonterías que puedo hacer con ellos eran normales y todo el mundo podía hacerlas también.
  4. Cuando era pequeña quería ser pelirroja. A día de hoy aún pienso que es el pelo más bonito que existe.
  5. Me encantan los animales pero no tengo mascotas. Mi piso es demasiado pequeño para ellos.
  6. No veo la tele excepto para los eventos deportivos, que me encantan. Por cierto, en mi vocabulario la palabra 'deporte' no incluye 'motor' en la definición. :-P
  7. Soy alérgica al polen y ODIO la primavera. Todas mis plantas son cactus que no florecen y pothos.
A mi vez, le paso este premio a:

Mlle. Alex

Que disfrutéis de la primavera y el calorcito, aquellos a los que no os afecta. ✿


I'm sorry I haven't been on lately but my left wrist and elbow hurt a lot. I have very bad sleeping habits and somehow I have twisted them. Odd, isn't it? Fortunately I'm right-handed and I can work normally, but crafting and typing turned out to be very painful so this time I will be short. I'd like to thank Alessandra for giving me this Kreative Blog Award although I have a long way ahead to reach her! :-)

The rules of this award are to list 7 things you probably don't know about me and then to pass it to 7 kreativ bloggers. So here is my list:
  1. I'm a grammar nazi and it really hurts my pride to know that my English is far from perfect and I may be writing silly wrong things everytime I post. Please feel free to correct me any time!
  2. I'm a very picky eater. That explains why I am so thin.
  3. Recently I found I have double-jointed thumbs and I always thought they were normal and everybody could do with them the same funny things I do.
  4. When I was younger I wanted to be red-haired. I still think it's the prettiest.
  5. I love animals but don't have any pet. My small flat is no place for them.
  6. I don't watch TV but for sports events, which I really love. By the way, in my vocabulary the definition of 'sport' doesn't include 'motor'. :-P 
  7. I'm allergic to pollen and I HATE spring. All my houseplants are cacti without flowers and pothos.

And I am giving this award to:

Mlle. Alex

Enjoy the spring and the warm weather, those of you who aren't affected by it!

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10 comentarios

  1. Hello Alhana,

    Congratulations on your blog award. Very interesting things I've learnt about you here. We actually have a couple of things in common, I learned the other one in the crocheting in public thread(wink).

    Kind regards.

  2. p.s.

    I just realized we have more than a couple of things in common(LOL!) Not laughing at you, just funny the things we have in common.

    Kind regards.

  3. ¡Wow! ¡Gracias! Me siento super halagada... Prometo pensar con calma mi lista y publicarla (en cuanto pueda, porque ahora mismo estoy inmersa en una vorágine de novedades que te contaré vía e-mail). Besitos.

  4. Yes, I too have learned even more. Double-jointed thumbs!

    Sorry about the effects of your poor sleeping habits. We may have to send you a straight-jacket to keep you in line! lol Get better soon. XOXO

  5. nena... jo també estic molt afalagada... com diu la marisa, em penso tranquilament el desafiament i us explico unes quantes coses de mi...

    només fer-te uns comentaris:

    - com coi dorms???
    - el teu anglès es molt bo,no crec que hi hagi cap anglo-parlant que rigui quan et llegeix, a no ser que expliquis algo graciós :-)
    - que fas amb els dits gordos jajaja

    besitos wapa

  6. Hmm, creo que conocía 4 de esos puntos sobre ti, aunque ignoraba el resto :P.

    Lo de la alergia... ¡los alérgicos al polen sois unos quejicas! decis que la primavera os molesta... pues yo soy alérgico al polvo y me tengo que aguantar todo el año, ale.

  7. @Anonymous: it's always nice to have things in common with other people you get to know. May I ask which ones do we share? Regards.

    @Marisa: no hay prisa ninguna, cuando tengas tiempo.

    @Libby: I didn't even know they were called double-jointed! It still hurts when I move my fingers.

    1- no ho sé! Sembla que molt normal, no.
    2- tinc la sensació de no escriure correctament, no ho puc evitar. Sóc massa perfeccionista.
    3- lo normal: doblar-los cap a fora en angle de 90º com si estiguera fent auto-stop, jajaja.

    @Andrés: calla, ignorante, que tú tomas medicamentos. Sabrás lo que es tener un grifo por nariz.

  8. Hi Alhana,

    Oh sure. Well, I'm also not a t.v. person. I don't like television in general. Uuuum the second one also has to do with my sleeping habits(LOL), although I've never been injured because of it.

    About your grammar don't worry. Did you notice how I spelled "learned" in the first post? I've actually noticed since internet and cell phones, it seems literacy is declining amongst many, and that's amongst native English speakers, unlike yourself.

    Kind regards.

  9. Wow! Congratulations on your award!
    I had to laugh about the sports with no motor because I totally agree! When did racing cars become a sport??? You go. :)

    OH, I just realized you have me down there...cool. Thank you very much.
    Now, go rest that wrist! And I'll see you back in my office next week....lol.
    Btw, I thought your English was perfect, and my mama was a school teacher so I ought to know...lol.

  10. Thank you for passing a torch on to me - will write my seven things sometime this week! :-)

    I too have painful hands / fingers, sometimes from how I sleep (always with my hands tucked under the pillow, or under me - maybe I'm trying to protect them somehow?)... I also type a lot at work, and I'm sure that isn't helping potential arthritic conditions.

    Happy Monday!


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