Introducing Mrs Darcy

¡Mi primer proyecto serio con dos agujas! Tiene muchísimos fallos, claro: puntos retorcidos, nudos mal escondidos, costuras horriblemente cosidas y además ha quedado demasiado estrecha para llevar algo grueso debajo. Pero como a mí me gusta la veo de color de rosa. Es calentita, cómoda, bonita, está terminada y 100% hecha sólo por mí. :-)

Mrs Darcy Cardigan
Ready to meet Mr Darcy

Lana: 2 ovillos y algo más de Katia Fama en beige. 100% acrílico.
Agujas: 3,5 mm.
Patrón: Mary Weaver.
Modificaciones: Muchas (ver diagrama y notas en Ravelry). Añadí una pasada de punto de cangrejo a ganchillo alrededor del cuello para evitar que se enrolle.
Hay una errata en el patrón original. El punto elástico retorcido se teje:
Pas 1- (derecho) dcho 1 por detrás del punto, rev 1 * repetir
Pas 2- (revés) dcho 1, rev 1 por detrás del punto * repetir

El próximo proyecto lo tejeré con agujas circulares. Se terminó la pesadilla de unir las piezas y dejar costuras horrendas por todas partes.


My first serious knitting project ever! It has lots of mistakes, of course: twisted stitches, knots badly hidden, seams awfully sewn and it turned out too tight to wear anything thick underneath. But I like to look at it through rose-tinted glasses. It's warm, comfy, pretty, finished and 100% made only by me. :-)

Yarn: Beige 100% acrylic Katia Fama. A little more than 2 skeins.
Needles: 3.5 mm / US4.
Pattern: Mary Weaver.
Mods: A lot! See diagram & notes on Ravelry. Crocheted 1 row of crab st around the collar to prevent it from curling up.
Fixed pattern error: Twisted Rib:
Row 1- (right side) k1tbl, p1 to end of row
Row 2- (wrong side) k1, p1tbl to end of row.

I will be knitting with circular needles from now on. No more sewing parts together and leaving all kind of horrid seams behind.

Mrs Darcy Cardigan Notes

Feliz Año Nuevo 2010 * Happy New Year 2010


  1. This is Gorgeous! If you didn't let us know that there were problems with the stitching, I would never know! Here's to many more amazing projects!

  2. Pues yo la veo ¡genial! Ya te comenté que quiero tejerme la Mrs Darcy con lana fina, así que tu esquema me viene fenomenal como guía/apoyo ¡gracias por compartirlo!

    Sobre las costuras... te dejo enlace a un video que puede serte útil:

  3. I love the cardigan! Very nice work!

  4. You did a FAB job! Love the color also. I don't see any problem with it.

    Aren't circular needles the best? I pick those over the straight any time.


  5. Sencilla pero mona a la vez.
    Está muy coqueta.

  6. Felíz año nuevo!
    Qué precioso está :)
    No se dónde están los defectos, se que se ve muy lindo.

    Que tengas un año lleno de alegrías y que esos deseos que guarda tu corazón se hagan realidad.

    Un beso grande

  7. And it's gorgeous! No one sees those "mistakes"; we just see fabulousness! This is so beautiful on you. I know your mom is proud. :-)

  8. Alhana,
    Yes you've mentioned before. I'm so pleased you want to help me do squares for blankets for Elderly. If any of your readers would like to join they are most welcome.I would just love receiving the squares and then making them into blankets. I shall post a photo of my Grandmother soon.
    It doesn't take us long to get back into our creativity does it?
    Hugs and Love and many thanks.
    I shall send my address Flickr mail to you. No rush !!

  9. I think it's fabulous, I totally love it!

  10. me encanta, lo veo Perfecto! y te felicito por el saquito y por tus Manos :)

  11. Gracias por vuestros comentarios, chicas.

    Thank you for your kind comments, ladies!

    @Marisa: Gracias por el link. Soy bastante negada a la hora de coser.

    @Libby: Mistakes are mostly on the back of the cardigan that of course I didn't show you on purpose!

  12. oh my goodness!!! THIS IS FANTASTIC!! turned out great! I wish I had the dedication to complete such an involved project. I tend to go for the quick, one night projects. Can't even get past the cuff on those socks I started =P

    I think it looks fabulous on you. great job!

  13. Very beautiful and elegant!

  14. I'm back to comment on your work. You know I love this colour, you have made such a wonderful job. I bet your mom likes it! You're right, you are slim!
    Whats your next project? I'll be looking with interest.
    Kindest regards,
    Hugs and Love Sue x
    from a very cold UK.

  15. OH, OH, Mrs. Darcy is just amazing!
    I'm not listening to you; it's fabulous! And the color was a wise choice; it will go with so many other colors. Very nice.

    Another OH, but this one is not so nice. My blog reader did not notify me of this post. I came over here just to say hi, and I was surprised to see this post.
    I may have to change readers.

    Stay warm!

  16. Que dices, te quedo genial! me han dado gans de dejarlo todo y ponerme a tejer una segunda Mrs Darcy!!!!

  17. ¡Hola alhana! la lana del cornflower cowl -y otras...- la he comprado en Tiene muy buenos precios y los envíos son rapidísimos.


  18. Oh its fab, really pretty you cant tell there are mistakes.
    thank you for your comment too after my god son, its so bleak so comments really helped. fliss xx

  19. Pues para ser lo primero ¡está genial!
    un abrazo,

  20. Increiblemente bello! me encanta!!! Felicicades, Nuria!!!

  21. Can't see a flaw anywhere.

    It is beautiful and so perfectly stylish and well... wearable!

    Welcome to the land of the knitters.

  22. Hey Alhana, nice meeting you. Thanks for sharing the notes with us, yours is beautiful. (i m knitting Mrs Darcy now :)

  23. Thank you!! :-)

    @Jackie: nice to meet you too! I hope you find my notes useful, do ask if anything isn't clear enough. I'm looking forward to see your Mrs. Darcy!


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