19 Dec 2009

Divine Hat

Divine Hat
A very warm and soft woollen octopus!

Pues sí, aunque tengo tantos proyectos aún por terminar y no hago más que prometer que no empezaré ninguno hasta que acabe otro, al final he sucumbido. Pero es que lo necesitaba, de verdad. Está haciendo mucho frío. No ha llegado a nevar, pero casi. Y además tenía esta lana tan mona que me pedía que la tejiera. He tenido suerte: he encontrado el proyecto perfecto para hacer un gorro con un solo ovillo.

Yes, even if I have so many unfinished projects and I promise I am not starting a new one until I finish another, I gave in. But I needed this, really. It's been very cold. Not snowing yet though. And I had this yummy yarn in my stash begging me to use her -yes, they're 'her' in Spanish ;-) I was lucky: I found the perfect one-skein hat!

Divine Hat
Feeling so divine!

Lana: Moda Dea Silk 'n Wool Blend (lana y seda) color ciruela.
Ganchillo: 4,00 y 5,00 mm.
Talla: S.
Patrón: Divine Hat (en inglés).
Modificaciones: sólo 17 pasadas. Para el borde, cinco pasadas: p. bajo, p. alto, p. alto, p. bajo y p. cangrejo.

Yarn: Plum Moda Dea Silk 'n Wool Blend.
Hook: 4.00 & 5.00 mm (US G/H)
Size: S.
Pattern: Divine Hat.
Mods: only 17 rows. 5 rows for ribbing: sc, dc, dc, sc and crab st.

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14 comentarios

  1. That hat turned out to be pretty with that lovely purple yarn! Great job!


  2. Look who's wearing a hat!!! It looks great. I think this project was befitting of a break from the other UFOs. I should take note. I hardly ever make anything for myself. :-)

  3. Your hat is just beautiful! (And thank you for including the link to the pattern.) Oh, I can just imagine the softness of the yarn. My UFO's don't scream so loudly these days since I stuffed them out of sight. ;)
    Stay warm in your new hat!

    I've been collecting yarn ball patterns for you. Some are good and some are not, but you can be the judge of them. Please send me your email address, and I will get them in the mail to you. :) foothillsgsm@gmail.com

  4. love the purple!! Great job on the new hat! =D

  5. Perfecto !! a mi me encanta, ya llevo 2 , me parece muy facil de hacer, y con un ovillo, y son calentitos
    Aqui ya estamos nevados y hasta el cuello !! un frio que me pondria 2 gorros jeje
    besitos guapa , feliz fin de semana

  6. Yes Alhana, that hat will keep you very warm. I love the colour of the wool. My moms favourite colour purple!
    Hugs and lOve Sue
    Thinking of you always.x

  7. realment és fàcil... però sempre que l'he provat de fer, em surt moooolt petit, de nen acabat de néixer... (ja ho sé ho faig amb llana massa fina i amb el patró petit, doncs què demano)... al final aconseguiré fer-ne un de mida adulta i el penjaré... de debo!!!


  8. @Kar: Thanks! This yarn is very soft and the hat turned out to be really comfy.

    @Libby: What an odd sight! You know what? Many people is wearing hats these days. It's SO cold. For a change I should follow your path: I hardly ever make anything for others!

    @Tea: I try to not look at my UFOs bag but I know they are there, grumbling and waiting. A big THANK YOU for those patterns! :-D

    @Ashley: Thanks! Next hat will be yours, still haven't found a suitable yarn but it's on my queue.

    @Eva: Gracias, es muuuy calentito y suave.

    @Alex: Estamos casi todos bajo la nieve por aquí también, aunque a nuestra zona no llega, están las sierras blanquitas y llega un viento que corta la respiración. Abrígate y abriga a tu chiquitina.

    @Sue: I love purple too. Green and purple (but not together) are my favourite colours. Stay warm!

    @Sonieta: S'ha de fer amb un ganxet del 5 mínim i amb llana gruixuda o surt de bebé, com has dit. Aquest el vaig desfer tres vegades fins que vaig trobar-li el punt, però ha valgut la pena. :-)

  9. Gorgeous! This reminds me that I need to make something for myself.

  10. @Mary Ann: This is an easy and quick project if you want to make something for yourself or as a gift.

  11. So pretty. I love the color and texture.

  12. @Karen: thank you very much! It was really nice to work with this yarn.

  13. The colors in the yarn work very well with this pattern.


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