Squares for charity

Squares for charity
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Cuadraditos en acrílico para la Manta solidaria para mascotas abandonadas. Los patrones son del libro de Jan Eaton 200 Labores de ganchillo. De izquierda a derecha: Texturas minúsculas, Encaje de concha y Cuadrado sólido. Para variar, se me olvidó fijarlos y han llegado hechos un trapo, no tengo perdón.

Fotografía original © Fátima. Yo sólo he trasteado un poco con filtros. :-)

Some acrylic squares I made for charity. Patterns from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks. From left to right: Lemon Peel, Shell Lace and Solid Square. I forgot to block them, as you can see - shameless!

Original photograph © Fátima. I just had fun with filters. :-)


  1. Your squares look lovely. That reminds me that I have to make the blue charity squares. :-)

  2. I love the squares. Good idea. I love the patterns too. Colour of the wool fantastic. Thanks for visiting my blog it was nice to hear where you do your Crocheting!
    Hugs and Love Suex
    Take care of yourself! x

  3. Son muy bonitos :) Se desarmaron un poco en el viaje? Seguro tienen solución.

    Qué bien se siente tejer por una bella causa!
    Te dejo un abrazo y que tengas una semana preciosa ^^


  4. Lovely squares and what a good idea - I take it they are to be made up into blankets or something eventually?


  5. they are lovely and a really nice colour too! fliss xx

  6. Oh, you squares are just beautiful!
    And I love working with variegated yarns..so pretty!

    I see Mrs. Darcy is at 90%. Cool. I can't wait for her debut.

    This Thursday is America's Thanksgiving Day celebration so I've been busy shopping and cleaning for family soon to visit. I'm just reading what everyone else is doing and hope to post next week.

    Have a great week, Ms. Crochet. :)

  7. Thank you ladies! :-)

    @Libby: I will be looking forward to those squares - to copy you later, of course. ;-)

    @Sue: it is. Too bad that yarn is discontinued.

    @Silvana: desarmados no, pero al no fijarlos están un poco deformes. Nada que no se solucione con un poco de agua, aguja e hilo.

    @Jane: yes, they are meant to be part of a charity blanket. Fatima, our organizer, will sell it later at the flea maket and donate the money to an animals shelter.

    @Felicity: thanks for your visit, busy mum! Hope your son is getting well soon.

    @Tea: Mrs Darcy is almost finished. If only my boss could understand how important for me is to be at home knitting instead of making him earn more money! ;-)

  8. Thanks for visiting me today Alhana! Have a good weekend, Hugs and LOve Suex

  9. Hi! I'm sure you will do fine with sewing the edge of your blanket!
    What a coincidence that you are thinking of making a blanket. I just bought some more fleece with birds and fruit, and another piece with baby animals. As I am sewing tomorrow I'll be thinking of my friend in Spain who also makes a blanket! Sew well! :)

  10. que lindos, a mi me encantan y los colores preciosos !!!
    otra vez gracias guapa por el envio , mil gracias y el pajarito ya esta en la pared, a ver si le saco uno foto y la pongo
    besitos y feliz semana

  11. Te he conocido por tus grannies enviados para la Manta Benéfica y quería decirte que son preciosos!!!! Has hecho una gran labor por esos perritos!!!! Besazo!!!

  12. @Alex: me alegro de que te haya gustado. Besitos. :-)

    @Ana: ¡gracias! Por los animalitos lo que sea. :-)


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