The Last Knit

By Laura Neuvonen (Kutoja, 2005).


  1. Aha! I love this video!!!! It goes to show you that knitting is possessive and obsessive. lol

  2. If only I could knit that fast! LOL!!
    Thanks for sharing the video! I enjoyed it very much. :)

  3. Cómo me gustó! Ay! Un poquito así somos casi todas las tejedoras :) jeje

    Gracias por compartirlo Alhana ^^
    Aunque cuando vi el título del post me asusté y vine enseguida! Pero aquí estás, compartiendo siempre bellezas :)
    Hasta pronto!

  4. OMG! This is so funny! I think this is me at the moment with my crocheting! Non Stop!
    So strange you have the Birdie Music playing the same as my current post on my blog! Well done to you! That is so good.
    Hugs to you Sue x

  5. Hithere!
    CAn you do me a favour please. I thought that music was coming from your blog video. I realised after it was my own.How stupid is that? I hadn't turned it off my slide show. Oh so sorry I've cocked it up.

    I love that video it is so funny! Well done for finding it!
    Hugs Sue x

  6. Glad you enjoyed the video, girls. I loved it.

    @Silvana: ni mucho menos me quito el vicio del tejer, es más, estoy como la protagonista de la animación, un poquito obsesionada, jejeje.

    @Sue: oh my! That was hilarious! It often happens to me too, when I am visiting blogs and forget to close down the tab and suddenly there is music playing from nowhere. Don't worry! ;-)

  7. Oh dear I did laugh! Where did you find that! It certainly goes to show both how obsessive we can get with our crafts and also how resourceful we women can be!! Thank you for sharing it.

    Thank you too for your kind comments on my blog - I won't get too carried away with knitting my little hearts after seeing that video!!


  8. Just come across via Marigold Jam - I love the video and see a little of myself there! Thank you for posting it!

    Pomona x

  9. I also have come across via Marigold Jam.......... LOVED the video. :O)

  10. Alhana,
    I checked it out.I have seen it many times before but always amazed at the beauty.

    Oh that video I could watch it over and over again. I will get it mentioned on my blog for you! It is so funny! My hubby has just watched it too! Really, really, good and I absolutely love your blog.Keep up the wonderful work! Alhana with hugs and love From Sue x

  11. Tooooooo funny. Please add the translator widget, so I can read what I know are funny words. Love to follow


    Hello how r u? Yes you can make sqaures in any color. Check out the link above. To see the squares that sandra made for the charity

  13. You're welcome, ladies! :-D

    @Garden Bell: thanks for your suggestion, I will add the widget. Hope my English is not so bad that people need a translator. ;-)

  14. Hi you can make the squares any color they do not have to be blue.


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