Little Rooster

Mi interpretación del patrón de Alessandra. Con la combinación de los hilos que tenía por casa guardados parece más una gallina pintada para carnavales que un gallo...

My attempt at Alessandra's pattern. The colour choice was unfortunate, I used some stashed thread and it ended looking like a hen painted for Mardi Grass instead of a cute rooster...

Little Rooster
Stuffed rooster for dinner, anyone?

Hilo: algodón 100% en varios colores.
Ganchillo: 1,00 mm.
Patrón: Just Be Happy
Modificaciones: ninguna.

Yarn: 100% cotton thread in several colours.
Hook: 1.00 mm (US 12).
Pattern: Just Be Happy
Adjustements: none.


  1. Ah, you are too hard on yourself. Mr. Rooster is quite the cute one and I believe he knows it. I can tell he has a strut in him that he's just waiting to show the hens. :-)

  2. Thanks Libby, I think Mr. Rooster is fond of you. Everybody who has met him has called him "cute hen"! :-)


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