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El Fat Bottom Bag -el bolso culogordo... mejor no traducirlo- ya está terminado, pero así tal cual es un poco soso, necesita algo que lo alegre. Le he hecho a ganchillo una rosa color naranja con hojas blancas, pensando que el contraste estaría chulo, pero lo cierto es que es un horror. ¿Alguna otra idea?

The Fat Bottom Bag is finished but it looks rather plain and needs something to brighten it up. I crocheted a rose with orange yarn with white leaves thinking the contrast will be cool but the result is... ugh! Any better ideas?

Fotos en breve. Pics soon! ;-)


  1. Hmmm....the rose sounds like a great idea. What do you think about crocheting a rose or two with a bright variegated colorway?

  2. I like that, I also think roses are the best option, but I don't have any variegated cotton besides that strawberry & cream skein that Libby sent me - and worse, I can't buy any here.
    I will take your suggestion into consideration and look for a suitable yarn online. ;-)

  3. I think your bag is great, and I
    also think that bright crocheted roses would really set it off. You have a nice blog, Alhana!

  4. Hi, Beth! Thanks for paying me a visit here & for your compliments. You're Tea's (youngest) daughter, right? ;-)
    Roses have won the poll by absolute majority so I will make one or two. :-)

  5. How about some buttons sewn on in a flower shape, although i do think the bright roses sound nice.
    ive tagged you over at joshy and belle, hope thats ok, fliss xx

  6. Hi Felicity, being tagged about a book is more than ok!
    The flower shaped buttons I have are too small for this bag, wish I could find bigger ones to try them on.


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