Hook holder

Japanese Hook Case
¿Cómo se sabe que son geishas?

Como soy una envidiosa y he visto que todo el mundo tenía una, me compré otra yo también. Llegó en el correo de hoy. Vi varias que me gustaron en las tiendas de Etsy y al final me decidí por ésta de Coyote Bean, ya que además de que me gusta lo que hace, tenía buenas referencias sobre ella. Además el paquete incluía una revistilla de 1987 de regalo sorpresa. :-D

Una funda para organizar los ganchillos hecha con tela de algodón japonesa. No me pude resistir cuando la vi. Ahora mis ganchillos se pueden venir conmigo de viaje. ;-)
Japanese Hook Case
How do you know whether they're geishas?

Because I'm full of envy and I saw everybody had one, I bought it too! Was in the mail today. I have seen some I liked at Etsy but finally decided to buy from Coyote Bean. Not only I like her work, I also had good references about it (sorry, Libby, I'm such a copycat!). She included a vintage small magazine from 1987 as a surprise gift. :-D

A hook holder/organizer made with a cute Japanese cotton fabric. I couldn't resist! Now my little steel hooks can travel with me. ;-)


  1. Yours is beautiful!!! Don't worry. I think we are all copycats from time to time. My friend Mary bought one from Coyote Bean also. Coyote Bean has great fabric and everything is stitched so well. Enjoy! :-)

  2. By rereading the post that you linked to, I realized I hadn't answered your questions so I will reply here:

    1. Yes, I do believe that picture was from the 50s. I'm thinking probably late 50s.

    2. If you think my mom's family is big with her mom having 5 kids, you should see my dad's family pictures. His mom had 17! So, I have tons of first cousins, not to mention the rest. lol

  3. @Libby: thanks! We're the Coyote Bean's Organizers Army :-D

    And yes, your family is huge, both your mom's and your dad's. I'm an only child's only child!

    @Ashley: thank you!

  4. Es preciosa! Me encanta, Alhana... adoro los dibujos japoneses :)

  5. thats really pretty and useful, i might have to copy too!!!

  6. @Mariel: Gracias, a mí también me gustan mucho estas imágenes, por eso elegí este modelo frente a los otros de la tienda.

    @Felicity: Please do! :-D


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