23 Dec 2008

I've been tagged

Mi amiga Libby me ha seleccionado para realizar un pequeño juego. Estas son las reglas:

1. Enlaza a la persona que te ha seleccionado.
2. Pon las reglas del juego en tu blog.
3. Escribe seis cosas aleatorias sobre ti.
4. Elige a otras seis personas al final de tu post y enlázalas.
5. Hazle saber a cada una de ellas que las has seleccionado dejándoles un comentario en su blog.
6. Hazle saber a quien te seleccionó cuando esté listo tu post.

Cosas sobre mí:

1. Soy hija única y nieta única. A lo mejor es por esto que me gusta la soledad y el silencio y no me van demasiado los niños.
2. Aprendí a tejer de mi madre cuando era una niña. Es la única persona de mi entorno familiar y de amigos que sabe. Casi todo el mundo cree que lo que hago es "cosa de abuelas" y se ríen de mí. Al principio me avergonzaba pero ahora que veo un montón de gente joven por la red que también teje ya no.
3. Con tres o cuatro años, cuando estaba en la guardería, ya sabía leer. Los otros niños no sabían y en aquel entonces cuando estabamos en clase pensaba que eran muy tontos porque "A" quería decir "A". Por supuesto. ¡Si yo lo veía clarísimo! ¿Ellos por qué no?
4. En realidad, poca gente sabe que no he terminado la carrera, normalmente dan por hecho que sí y yo no les corrijo, porque si lo hago automáticamente me avasallan a preguntas que no quiero contestar. Los que sí lo saben me dicen que vuelva a la Universidad y termine, pero creo que soy lo suficientemente lista y no necesito ningún papel que lo atestigüe.
5. Sé escribir y leer en inglés pero lo cierto es que no sé hablarlo, porque he aprendido a base de leer libros y comics y no tengo con quien practicar. Puedo charlar un poco si mi interlocutor es británico y habla despacio. ¡Qué cutre!
6. No me gusta nada el chocolate. En serio.

Y a mí me gustaría saber más sobre Mariel y Francesc :)

I've been tagged by my friend Libby! Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Random things about me:

1. I'm an only child and only grandchild. Maybe this is why I enjoy being quiet and alone and am not fond of children.
2. I learnt how to knit and crochet from my mother as a child. She's the only person among my family and friends who does. Almost everybody else thinks what I do is just 'old ladies' stuff' and laughs at me. At first I was ashamed but now seeing so many young people crafting in the net I am not anymore.
3. I already knew how to read when I was 3 or 4 yrs old, in the nursery school. Other children didn't and back then when we were at class I thought they were silly because 'A' meant 'A'. Of course. I could see it clearly! Why they didn't?
4. Few people knows I didn't finish my career, they usually think I did and I don't correct them because they automatically start making questions I don't want to answer. Those who know tell me to go back to University and finish it but I think I'm clever enough and don't need a paper to state it.
5. I can only write and read in English but not actually speak it because I've learned reading books and comics but don't have anyone to practice with. I can chat a little if the other person is Brittish and speaks slowly. Lame!
6. I dislike chocolate. Seriously.

And I tag Mariel and Francesc ! :)

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4 comentarios

  1. Oh, I simple adore chocolate. Yum Yum. I can relate to you about people thinking that you are "old" because of your craft. When I was in college, I brought my sewing machine, my yarn, and crochet hooks. I used to crochet in the lounge and people picked on me. But you know what, when they had buttons to fall off or zippers to break, they knew whose door to knock on. :-)

  2. I forgot to comment on this other statement you made. I'm very impressed with your use of English language. I understand your lack of oral practice and need for it. When I first went to college I was going to have a minor in Spanish. I took all of these classes, but as I got into the grammar courses it just was too hard because I had no one to practice with. All of the teachers were American who spoke slowly and the other students were too. When I left home I can only remember one person who was latina. I quit the Spanish and when I moved back home, there were Spanish speakers everywhere I turned - in just four years time! This is just one of the reasons that I want to rekindle my Spanish.

    I get excited when I understand native speakers without having to translate in my head. When native speakers talk to me, I usually panic first then relax because I might just understand. I hope with much practice and patience that it will get better. I would very much like to go to a country where everything is in Spanish and I am forced to learn faster. It's too easy not to here. My uncle went to Spain this past summer and invited me, but the timing was wrong and it cost too much for me. One day though...until then you keep practicing and hopefully we'll be fluent in speaking one day! :-)

  3. Everybody adores chocolate, I'm the weird one ;-)
    Three weeks ago I met a Brittish couple in a friend's dinner (do you remember the pic of the paella?). At first we talked in Spanish and then the girl asked me if I spoke English. I answered 'just a little' and they began to talk in English with me. It was the first time in 10 years I had someone to talk to! When we said goodbye they complimented me on my English -of course I was very happy!
    But usually I have no one to practice and just watch films and listen to music to train my ears :)

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