Autumn Afghan -finished

Autumn afghan -finished
Dormitorio otoñal

Anoche le hicimos las borlas y terminamos la manta. Mi madre está realmente orgullosa de sí misma, jajajaja. Aquí os dejo una foto en la que podéis ver que incluso hace juego con el edredón de la cama. Creo que queda claro cuál es mi gama de colores preferida... la otoñal. ;-)

Autumn afghan -finished
Borlas de otoño

Y ésta es una foto del detalle de las borlas que hemos hecho. En Nezumiworld tenéis un tutorial fantástico para aquellos que queráis hacer borlas y no sepáis cómo. Os animo a intentarlo, son muy sencillas.

Autumn afghan -finished
Autumn bedroom

Tassels were attached yesterday and the afghan is done! Mum is very proud of herself hehehe. This is a picture I took of the afghan on my bed, it matches my duvet too. My favourite colours are easy to guess, aren't they? Autumn ones! ;-)

Autumn afghan -finished
Autumn tassels

And this is a close-up on the tassels we made. Nezumiworld has an amazing and very easy tutorial for those of you who want to make them too. Do try!


  1. ¡Es preciosa! Está hecha con algunos de mis colores preferidos y transmite una sensación de calidez increíble. Me encanta.

    Un abrazo.

  2. I am so proud of you for finishing. You are an inspiration!

  3. M@riel: ¡Gracias! También son mis preferidos, me encanta mezclar verde y naranja (como habrás podido comprobar en el diseño de este blog y en el de los Probi Discipuli). Un abrazo, guapa.

    Libby: Thank you *blushes* I also feel very proud when I get to finish something. Now I only need to think what to make next, any ideas? :)
    You're my cooking inspiration!

  4. Make next - humm.... Cooking or Crafting? If you're talking about crafting, I think you need to finish all of your projects that you've posted so that you can see 100% across the screen! You will feel so relieved. Cooking, well I'm not sure about that one because I don't know what you like. Today I'm going to barbeque some chicken and make some other things. This morning I made a pound cake for Christmas.

    When I finish this blanket, I would like to make one more baby blanket for a friend of mine, but then I would love to try this scarf:

    We should make a pact to finish our projects first. Are you in??? :-)

  5. Libby, That scarf is beautiful and seems easy to crochet. Have you seen this blanket?
    If I had to make another, this will be the chosen one.
    I think you're right, we should finish our projects first and look for others next ;)

  6. Hello Alhana,

    This is one of my favorite Ripple afghans on the internet. The colors are just awesome! I also love the amount of rows you did between the colors, seems to accent it as well.

    What an accomplishment!



  7. Thank you very much! I am enjoying it everyday and just hating the warm weather that is coming soon because it means I will have to put it away until next autumn. I am so pleased you like it this much as well.


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