6 Aug 2009

* Summer giveaways

A quick update to share a couple of giveaways I find pretty interesting!

Gloria at Hooked on Yarn One Stitch at a Time has reached her 100th post and is celebrating it in style!

Vanessa at Designs by Vanessa hosts a very cool August giveaway.

Go take a look! :-)


  1. Thanks so much for blogging about The Body Shop Giveaway! Don't forget to enter the Tinker Dots Designs Giveaway if you haven't already:


  2. thanks for sharing, you're so sweet and kind! fliss xx

  3. Thanks! The strings on my earflap hat were just braids with knots at the ends. 2 strands of each color. REALLY really easy hat to make!

  4. i still cant get used to the ring tone!! i love it though, i have my first ever give away if youd like to enter!! its only a little one. fliss xx

  5. Feliz dia de la Asuncion igualmente! tambien salen las paseadoras por alla? aca las muchachas salen a pasear a caballo con la Virgen por las calles del pueblo y por las orillas se organizan bailes y festejos


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